Dear Friends,

After 8 years of building and supporting Gimme Bar, we've reached a sad milestone and it’s time to shut down the product. In truth, it was probably time to shut it down a while ago, but at Fictive Kin we’re quite emotionally attached to old Gimbles and have had a hard time letting go. At this point, though, usage is low enough, financial costs are high enough, and the code is antiquated enough that there’s no more denying it. It’s time.

While there is more detail below, the tldr is that Gimme Bar the service is shutting down, but your data has been backed up and will be stored for at least 6 months.

We have done our best to be thoughtful and considerate about our approach to handling your data as we shut down. We have long disliked the approach that most companies take: leaving their supporters with an unusable blob of data. We've tried to make sure you can export as much of the Gimme Bar experience as possible along with your data so you can browse it easily like you could online. Here’s an example of one such backup:
If you want your data, you will be available to download starting today for 6 months by doing the following:
  • Log into Gimme Bar:
  • After logging in, you should immediately be able to download an export of your GB data.
We’re hoping this process is easy and intuitive, but if you find yourself running into any problems at all, please email He’ll make sure to sort you out.

On a sentimental note. Thank you to everyone who supported us as we tried to build something that would change our relationship with content online. It was by no means an “incredible journey,” but it was a pretty fun road trip.


Ps- Here’s a more detailed walkthrough for downloading your Gimmes:

After clicking “Gimme My Gimmes!” the download will begin automatically:
When it’s done downloading, unzip it and click on “index.html” to enjoy your Gimmes in your preferred web browser:
View your Gimme Bar Library by clicking “Reminisce Here!” at the top of the index.html page:
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Our mailing address is:
401 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY  11231

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